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Overwhelmed By How To Choose a Counsellor? Part 1

How to choose a competent listener to help to you navigate your inner world?

Most people are usually in a state of emotional distress when they begin to
try find a therapist. I imagine those new to the world of counselling being bombarded by a plethora of different modalities – Psycho-dynamic, Person-Centered, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Ideas of these different approaches are often Googled late at night. And then
in my imaginings these ideas compete with advice from well-meaning loved ones. Some therapists specialize in working with certain populations and conditions. Others seem to offer everything to almost everyone.

How to choose?

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Does one match your malaise with a methodology that is proven to help eradicate it’s symptoms?

Someone that works for you.

Find someone who can help you. Someone you can trust.

A friend who worked as a psychotherapist said something that has always stuck with me: “It’s often not what their counselling approach is, it’s about how you connect with them. If you feel like they’re on a similar wavelength to you.”I felt much more reassured and empowered with this knowledge. As though I couldn’t really go wrong, I could trust my intuition.