Overwhelmed By How To Choose a Counsellor?  Part 2

 What is going on in your inner world?

Are you plagued by anxiety, procrastination, depression or self-criticism ?

Sometimes the nature of ones problem guides the choice of therapist. For example for trauma work it’s possible that Schema Therapy or Internal Family Systems Therapy might be helpful. Some individuals suffering from anxiety and procrastination find that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very beneficial. Often therapists specialize. I’d encourage you to search for somebody that is going to be able to meet your particular needs.

Are you neurodiverse? When I ask this, I’m asking if you are on the spectrum of processing. Do you process in an atypical manner? Do you have traits of Attention Deficit Disorder? Do you consider yourself to have Autism Spectrum Condition. Is your therapist familiar in working with clients of this population? What about age, life experience, or how you therapist experiences gender norms? I’m imagining that it’s important to you that your counsellor is able understand you in a particular manner because of their life experiences and training.

 being young and inquisitive

I always recommend that my prospective clients ask questions. This therapy malarkey isn’t a one size fits all kinda deal. Nope. It’s super personal. This whole process doesn’t in my opinion work, unless one is able to trust the person sitting in front of them calling themselves a counsellor